CSH Pharma Group, like every business, has an impact on the environment. We are working towards limiting that impact by educating our staff and encouraging them to think about their effect on the environment in everything they do.

CSH Pharma Group’s Environmental Policy’s four key objectives:

  1. To integrate our environmental policy across the Group;
  2. To reduce our impact on climate change;
  3. To comply with environmental legislation and regulation.
  4. To strive for continuous improvement in our environmental protection and to complete the process of implementation of ISO 14001.

We strive to protect the natural environment focusing in particular on minimizing waste, carbon emissions, monitoring and reducing energy usage and minimizing demands for water consumption. We are dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment across our businesses, while at the same time meeting our corporate and business requirements to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

Energy, Waste & Water:

We streamlined our operations in 2012 by introducing energy saving, waste reduction and water use efficiency systems. We encouraged employees across the Group to recycle paper in line with our commitment to establish an environmentally conscious work force. In addition we focused on minimizing water consumption by implementing new manufacturing processes that treat water waste for re-use in irrigation.

Green Buildings:

CSH Pharmaceuticals new building is built in an environmentally friendly location. CSH Pharma Group is serious in its commitment to the environment as an integral part of its corporate responsibility strategy.