Our Principles:

Ethical Conduct:

Honesty and integrity lie at the core of CSH Pharma Group’s business values. Our operational review Committee, which reports to the Company Board of Directors, oversees all ethical issues. We expect all CSH Pharma Group employees to meet the highest of ethical standards in business conduct, and we entrust each and every member of our team to endorse and abide by our Code of Conduct.

Respect For All:

At CSH Pharma Group, we respect our communities, our customers, our employees, and our partners. Our policy of promoting an inclusive, bias-free environment is intended to bring to the Company the richness of cultural and social diversity that make CSH Pharma Group unique, and we work to build healthy relationships with all our stakeholders. We encourage and expect trust, openness and fairness to be the foundation of all our relationships.

Employment Practices:

We value our employees as our most important asset, and we aim to be recognized as the market leader in recruiting and retaining the most distinguished of individuals. We repay our employees’ loyalty by investing in their future and welfare.
We treat our employees with respect, transparency, honesty and dignity being the foundations of our relationships. We are equal opportunity employers and we follow fair practices in relation to all employment issues.


We continuously use our experience to influence business and social development in the Pakistan. Our knowledge of the Region and its challenges and opportunities, coupled with our commitment to the betterment of peoples’ lives, urge us to act as a tool for change in Pakistan. By sharing our experiences and our best practices, and by promoting the values that CSH Pharma Group stands for, we aim to raise the bar.

Products and customers:

We place the customer first. Our products are created to contribute to bettering the lives of our customers and to alleviating suffering from illness. We comply with all relevant laws and regulations in all the locations where we operate, and we abide by strict ethical, medical, and scientific standards in the production and promotion of all CSH Pharma Group products.