CSH Pharmacy is a subsidiary of CSH Pharma Group and came into existence with a mission to provide quality medicines. CSH Pharmacy came into existence in April 2007 in Lahore and established itself as the only chain of pharmacies in Pakistan which is running successfully in both institutions as well as in the community. CSH Pharmacy is managed by a group of qualified and experienced pharmacists.

CSH Pharmacy started its business by establishing an institutional pharmacy in Jinnah Hospital. Following on we opened pharmacies in Mayo Hospital (The biggest government run hospital) and DHA Hospital Lahore. CSH Pharmacies have gone for organic growth and this has been achieved due to the focus on patient care by ensuring quality medicines dispensed under the guidance of qualified pharmacists and continuously maintaining our inventory.

CSH Pharmacies stepped into the community pharmacy business in November 2008. At present CSH pharmacy has three branches running successfully in different areas of Lahore, stocking medicines along with other consumer items and OTC products being offered by departmental stores.

In August 2011 CSH Pharmacy introduced another Brand in the market by the name of “My Pharmacy”. This brand is aimed at developing a modern pharmacy atmosphere with added services. In addition to medicines, My Pharmacy is operating an Optician and eye sight laboratory services. The experience gained at CSH Pharmacy is professionally crafted into the brand of My Pharmacy.

CSH Pharmacy has carved a strong brand image within the community pharmacies and is known for its caring attitude and services for its customers. We manage our inventory levels as such that we are able to deliver the one stop service to our customers. This unique feature has earned CSH Pharmacy credibility in the community. Carrying on with the credibility gained and along with its strong footing in the market we are all set to grow successfully in the near future with more branches coming in other areas.

Qualified Staff

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100% Original Medicines

Caring & Serving Health

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Caring & Serving Health