Toll Manufacturing : CSH Pharma - Novartis Pharma

CSH pharmaceuticals is approved contract manufacturer for Novartis Pharma for their penicillin product in Pakistan for retail and institutional supplies, by providing wide range of penicillin brands in form of tablets, capsules & dry powder suspensions.

 We are providing toll manufacturing services to Sandoz/Novartis for the following products:

  • Amoxi-Clav 1000mg Tablet

  • Amoxi-Clav 625mg Tablet

  • Amoxi-Clav 375mg Tablet

  • Amoxi-Clav 312.50mg/5ml 60ml

  • Amoxi-Clav 156.25mg/5ml 60ml

  • Ospamox Susp 250mg/5ml 90ml

  • Ospamox Susp 125mg/5ml 90ml

  • Ospamox 500mg Tablet

  • Ospamox  250mg Caps

Tablet Range:

Suspension Range: