Manufacturing Facility:

We at CSH Pharma Group firmly believe that the best way of ensuring quality products is by having them manufactured at plants that comply with the most stringent quality assurance standards.

For this we have a multi-pronged approach.

We acquired a manufacturing unit in 2006 and named it CSH Pharmaceuticals – North which is a General Solid Dosage facility also having a dedicated area for cephlosporines production.

Our other manufacturing unit is CSH Pharmaceuticals which is a dedicated facility for manufacturing of Penicillin products.

Our future plans are to develop CSH Pharma Valley which would be an entire site with a number of manufacturing units operating independently yet inter-linked for maximum efficiency. CSH Pharmaceuticals is also situated at this site.

Our goal is to become an outsourcing model of quality medicines at affordable prices based on:

  •  Total Quality Management
  •  Lean Manufacturing
  •  Research & Development

CSH Pharma Group envisages various kinds of partnerships:

  •  Joint Ventures
  •  Technical Collaborations
  •  Toll Manufacturing Agreements
  •  Import and Export of valued products between Pakistan and the rest of the world

CSH Pharma Group presents a highly lucrative opportunity for companies to partner with us in multiple disciplines of pharmaceutical manufacturing:

  •  Product innovation
  •  Production capacity maximization
  •  Production cost economization