CSH Pharma Group was founded in 2005 by a well known industrial concern of Pakistan – Operating in various fields of business since 1932.

The inspiration to diversify into the pharma industry in order to bring conceptual innovation in pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industry of Pakistan came from our Group Chairman & CEO Mr. Salik Hussain.

His dedication and strong commitment towards the fulfillment of this vision has helped him to enrich the Group with competent professionals who are highly reputed in their respective areas of expertise. The pioneer management team members possess a wealth of experience and skills acquired through years of services in leading positions of national & multinational pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare sector.

This is the resource which CSH Pharma Group is investing in – to unleash its potential and grow rapidly while maintaining pristine standards.

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    Contract Manufacturing

Our goal to become an outsourcing model of quality medicines at affordable prices is based on the concept of Total Quality Management and Lean Manufacturing.

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