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Vikor CSH

In September 2013, CSH Pharmaceuticals North entered into a partnership with Vikor Pharma a subsidiary of Vikor Enterprises. The result was the formation of Vikor CSH, which assumed the responsibility of the sales and marketing function of CSH Pharmaceuticals North.

The ambition of our CEO Mr Salik Hussain resulting in the amalgamation of producion expertise possessed by CSH Pharmaceuticals North with the Sales and Marketing expertise and vision of Mr.Athar Karim of Vikor Pharma, was to achieve exponential growth and the success of the marketing brands owned by CSH North division. This ambition will be complimented by the Pan Pakistan distribution network of Vikor Enterprises as a pharmaceutical distributor.

Since Vikor Enterprises’s establishment in 1979, the company has maintained a steady consolidated growth evidenced by having the largest network of distribution centers in Pakistan. VIKOR Pharma’s strong financial base and modern management techniques complemented by a well-developed infrastructure, strong link with the Doctors, presence in all the institutions of Pakistan and the strong base established in the field of sales and marketing made it the ideal partner for CSH Pharmaceuticals North.

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